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ArticleCopyMoveDelete - allows to copy, move or delete articles.

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This package provides an additional article action which allows to copy, move from one ticket to another. It also allows to delete articles - see https://otrsteam.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Copy-OR-Merge-Single-Article-To-Other-Ticket/321449-10369.

This functionality has been extracted from OTRS extension package KIX4OTRS.

Usage Remarks

  • The function is restricted to the owner of the ticket.

  • If there is only one article left in the ticket, options for moving and deleting are not available.

  • If there is time accounted in an article which will be copied, you may define if and how this accounted time is copied to the destination ticket.

  • Due to the lack of extension methods for frontend modules of other extensions (i.e. OTRS::ITSM) in OTRS and missing configurability of article actions, the article copy-, move-, delete- function is integrated into the frontend by OutputFilters. Disabling ArticlePrint will also disable this function.

To Do

  • output filter creates two action links after reload of AgentTicketZoom after article creation

  • make restriction to owner configurable


Copyright (C) 2006-2013 c.a.p.e. IT GmbH, http://www.cape-it.de

ArticleCopyMoveDelete written/edited by:

  • Anna(dot)Litvinova(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

  • Rene(dot)Boehm(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

  • Torsten(dot)Thau(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

  • Martin(dot)Balzarek(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

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