OPAR - OPM Package ARchive

Browseable collection of plugins for the popular ticket system software Znuny and ((OTRS)) Community Edition.


General Questions

What is OPAR?

OPAR is an archive of packages that extend the ticket system.

Using its smart packaging tool extensions can be built by any developer, packaged and passed on to other users. Through packaging of own changes to the system, the system is then more audit proof. Additionally, the package system backs up all files changed, to make sure that an uninstall is successful.

Install/Upgrade OPM files

You can install the OPM files via the package manager. You can create your own repository and add this repository in SysConfig.

  1. Create a repository at /repo
  2. Complete settings for your repository
  3. Add repo in SysConfig (Framework → Core::Package → Package::RepositoryList
  4. Go to package manager and install/upgrade add ons


Which characters are allowed in usernames?

You can only use ASCII letters A - Z and a - z and it must be at least 3 characters long.

OPM files

Naming schema for OPM files