OPAR - OTRS Package ARchive

Browseable collection of plugins for the popular OTRS software.

OPAR OPAR is an archive of packages that extend the OTRS software.

We need you!

We need you as a user:

As a user you can search for packages, download and install them. If you have made some experiences with the packages, you can comment on them and rate them. This helps other users to find the best packages.

A site like OPAR lives with its users, so we welcome every new user!

We need you as a developer:

OPAR was inspired by the great CPAN -- the repository for Perl libraries. We hope that OPAR becomes such a great success as CPAN and that developers publish their OTRS packages.

If you have written an OTRS package that can be published under some Open Source Licenses, please create an OPM file and upload it to OPAR.

We need you for more general tasks

We want to create a great FAQ to help people to work with OTRS and OPAR. How to create an OPM file? How can I integrate OPAR in my OTRS? If you have any questions, please contact us.

More about OPAR


OTRS has all the necessary features to manage customer requests per telephone, e-mails, fax and pretty much any of todays methods of communication. The application is built for and around service inquiries. It does not matter if you run a world wide follow the sun service desk, a computer emergency response team (CERT), a member management system for your local community organization or a pizza delivery service, if you have customers to take care of OTRS can do the job.

Do you receive many e-mails, phone calls and or faxes and want to answer them uniformly and structured? You're going to love the OTRS!

Requests, taken care of primarily per an intuitive user interface within your browser, can be handled by multiple or even just one agent. Customers can choose the channel of communication best fitting their needs. From a smart phone friendly web interface, to rich text (HTML) emails, every means leads to the same end. And updates are just as simple. Follow-ups can be transmitted in any form as well. As long as the ticket number is found in the correspondence. The ticket number can be (normally) in the subject, the body or an attachment within the mail. Even the message id will be used to make sure that the efforts are not being doubled.

Using our smart packaging tool, OPM - OTRS package manager, extensions can be built by any developer, packaged and passed on to other users. Through packaging of own changes to the system, the system is then more audit proof. Additionally, the package system backs up all files changed, to make sure that an uninstall is successful.


Perl is a language optimized for scanning arbitrary text files, extracting information from those text files, and printing reports based on that information. It’s also a good language for many system management tasks. The language is intended to be practical (easy to use, efficient, complete) rather than beautiful (tiny, elegant, minimal).

Perl strengths

  • CPAN - the worlds largest single-namespace software repository.
  • A strong culture for software testing, with more than 370 testing modules and almost every CPAN package coming with tests.
  • CPAN Testers - a volunteer community that tests all software uploaded to CPAN on all kinds of OSes and Perl versions, and uploading the results to a central repository.
  • Vibrant grass-roots communitis all over the globe, refreshingly untainted by corporate tools. Find your local Perl Mongers group! :)
  • Active support communities at PerlMonks and on irc.perl.org.
  • Conferences all over the planet. Most of them are low-key and informal, and all of them have a high signal/noise ratio.
  • Active blogging and scenes, with the Perl Iron Man competition, blogs.perl.org, Perl-Nachrichten.de as highlights.