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reneeb on 29 Jan 2018
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A module that allows OTRS to use several SMTP servers.

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MultiSMTP - make OTRS aware of multiple SMTP servers


A standard OTRS installation is not able to use different SMTP servers for each sender address. This can lead to problems as many recipient servers deny to deliver the mails as a reverse lookup does not respond the hostname of the sender address.

So each sender address needs its own SMTP server - and this is provided with this package.

After installation, there is a new item in the Email block in the admin area. That is to manage the address -> SMTP server mapping. You can configure the settings for each address given in the system addresses. And you can define the type of SMTP connection (plain SMTP, SMTPTLS or SMTP/S). The user's password can be stored in an encrypted way - if you want to use this feature, you have to install the Perl modules Crypt::CBC and Crypt::DES.

When a mail is sent, the package searches for the SMTP settings that belong to the sender address and if it can't find anything, it uses the SMTP settings from SysConfig (that is used by the standard SMTP mechanism).


This package was written by Renee Baecker <otrs@perl-services.de>.

The package is licensed under AGPL. If you did not receive this file, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.txt.


Fernholz IT GmbH

Fernholz IT GmbH (http://www.fernholz-it.eu) sponsored the "anonymous SMTP" feature. With that feature you can add SMTP servers where no authentication is needed.


NeverMin (https://github.com/NeverMin) added the Chinese translation.


Niroc analyzed a problem that occured when different accounts were used.

Balazs Ur

Balazs Ur (http://otrs-megoldasok.hu/) added the Hungarian translation.

Ilya Shadryn

Ilya Shadryn (https://github.com/WestDragon) added the Russian translation and add capability otrs 6.


maba on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.0.3

Hi Reneè, very useful package! Thanks a lot!

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.0.3

THANKS!!!! :) I really need it

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.0.4

Hello Reneè, that is what i need Thanks

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.0.4

a other version for OTRS 2.4.+ please :)

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.0.4

Hi, unfortunetley I'm recieveing the following error when trying to add my first SMTP entry. I'm working over an Ubuntu 9.10 Server with psql. Backend ERROR: OTRS-CGI-10 Perl: 5.10.1 OS: linux Time: Fri Nov 4 10:22:37 2011 Message: ERROR: syntax error at or near "user" LINE 1: INSERT INTO ps_multi_smtp (host, user, password, encrypted, ... ^, SQL: 'INSERT INTO ps_multi_smtp (host, user, password, encrypted, type, create_time, create_by, valid_id, change_time, change_by, port) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, current_timestamp, ?, ?, current_timestamp, ?, ?)' Traceback (24803): Module: Kernel::System::MultiSMTP::SMTPAdd (v1.1.1.1) Line: 152 Module: Kernel::Modules::AdminMultiSMTP::Run (v1.1.1.1) Line: 169 Module: Kernel::System::Web::InterfaceAgent::Run (v1.57) Line: 837 Module: ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::Registry::opt_otrs_bin_cgi_2dbin_index_2epl::handler (unknown version) Line: 48 Module: (eval) (v1.88) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::run (v1.88) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::default_handler (v1.88) Line: 170 Module: ModPerl::Registry::handler (v1.99) Line: 31 Anybody has an idea what this can be?

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 2.4.1

Hi Renée, we are using here OTRS 3.0.10 with several mail accounts (now about 12) and your marvellous MultiSMTP (0.0.4 for 3.0.x Framework) . Everything works fine - sending over different accounts- , but we always get an error message with auto responses, although the mail was correctly send. ERROR: OTRS-PostMasterMailbox.pl-10 Perl: 5.10.1 OS: linux Time: Tue Mar 20 13:30:09 2012 Message: Impossible to send message to: XXXX YYYY <yyyyy@xxxxx.de> . Traceback (20869): Module: Kernel::System::Ticket::Article::ArticleSend (v1.274.2.2) Line: 2042 Module: Kernel::System::Ticket::Article::SendAutoResponse (v1.274.2.2) Line: 2814 Module: Kernel::System::Ticket::Article::ArticleCreate (v1.274.2.2) Line: 348 Module: Kernel::System::PostMaster::NewTicket::Run (v1.76) Line: 245 Module: Kernel::System::PostMaster::Run (v1.85) Line: 351 Module: Kernel::System::MailAccount::IMAPS::_Fetch (v1.10) Line: 206 Module: Kernel::System::MailAccount::IMAPS::Fetch (v1.10) Line: 79 Module: Kernel::System::MailAccount::MailAccountFetch (v1.16) Line: 386 Module: main::Fetch (v1.3) Line: 180 Module: /opt/otrs//bin/otrs.PostMasterMailbox.pl (v1.3) Line: 93 Use of uninitialized value $ArticleID in concatenation (.) or string at /opt/otrs-3.0.10/Kernel/System/Ticket/Article.pm line 2833. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 3.0.2

Hi! Looks you have exactly what I need for my fresh OTRS install - which of course is 3.1. When can we expect an update? The package installer will not let me install this package to an OTRS 3.1. Thanks!

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 3.0.2


anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 3.1.1

This extension is very useful for an OTRS installation with several companys wich have their own Mail-Servers or if you need to use your own mailserver with different mail-accounts. It is working perfectly and has a fallback to OTRS-default settings. The code is smooth and clean. Also the administration is an easy going part. Well done Renée!

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 3.1.5

Hi ! Thanx for your work, but i can't send via smtps, is ist possible that this module doesnt work with selfsigned SSL/TLS certificates ?

Leo (guest) on 21 Oct 2013 about version 3.2.4

Your addon is very usefull, but after some new updates, we encounter problems with this addon. It makes some functions to run way much longer with addon enabled. Query change in ticket view takes ~120sec (common is 1-3sec) to refresh ticket view, reply popup takes 30sec (common is 1-2sec) to load and many more (not all) functions became slower. OTRS became unusable with such lags so I had to disable it. Is there any fix for this?

playersons (guest) on 15 Nov 2013 about version 3.3.1

Hi, thank you very much for this extremely useful module. I have one question: I started using this on OTRS 3.2 and want to upgrade to OTRS 3.3.1 What would be the best upgrade path? I am fiddling with a test install, but could not get the multiple SMTP settings to survive the upgrade after reinstalling MultiSMTP. Thank you for your valued attention.

reneeb on 20 Dec 2013 about version 3.3.2

If you have any questions, please drop me a line at opar@perl-services.de. I do not check the comments regularly.

Stefano (guest) on 28 Oct 2014 about version 3.3.2

Hi, I'm try to configure the plug-in on my OTRS installation ver. 3.3.8 . I's seems to not work after binding specific smtp relay settings for one of my queue. Amy you any idea? Best Regards. Stefano

Jan (guest) on 01 Dec 2014 about version 4.0.1

Works as described, very useful. Thank you!

RogerK (guest) on 13 Feb 2015 about version 3.3.2

Hi all, is this package also working on OTRS 3.3.8 Windows Version with mySQL and Perl? I have installed the tool, but all the mails for the 2nd smtp are sended over the first one. Relay on 2nd Server is enabled and working.

Placide (guest) on 17 Mar 2015 about version 4.0.4

To complete the config of OTRS with this module, Edit Config Settings in Framework -> Core::Sendmail and choose MultiSMTP for SendmailModule

ranielli on 14 Jul 2015 about version 4.0.4

MultiSMTP configured the package and Framework -> Core :: Sendmail and choose MultiSMTP is SendmailModule , and the second email was configured to send SMTP Management , but is showing error: Sent agent 'Notificação de chamado em fila' notification to 'XXX@XX.XXX.br'. Mon Jul 13 20:32:00 2015 info OTRS-CGI-49 Error sending message Mon Jul 13 20:32:00 2015 error OTRS-CGI-49 Can't use from '=?UTF-8?Q?Notifica=C3=A7=C3=A3o=20?=- Central de': 5015.1.7 Bad sender address syntax Mon Jul 13 20:32:00 2015 error OTRS-CGI-49 Need Address! any suggestion?

Jeffrey (guest) on 05 Oct 2015 about version 4.0.4

Hi reneeb, useful add-on for OTRS, I have re-configure my OTRS to send to many SMTP server, however what about auto response? seems not read MultiSMTP setting ? have an error in the log Can't send message: 550Start mail input; end with <CRLF>.<CRLF>, any idea ? thanks.

reneeb on 13 Oct 2015 about version 4.0.4

Added your issues to the issue list on Github: https://github.com/reneeb/otrs-MultiSMTP/issues/4 and https://github.com/reneeb/otrs-MultiSMTP/issues/5

Lavalys (guest) on 06 Nov 2015 about version 4.0.4

Is it possible to add a function to use multiple Ticket::DefineEmailFrom with the multiple smtp servers? So that in different queues that send from multiple addresses you can have a different "from" email name, instead of 1 setting for the whole instance?

reneeb on 07 Nov 2015 about version 4.0.4

This is not the scope of this addon. You might be interested in http://opar.perl-services.de/dist/AlternateQueueSender-4.0.8 There you can define different from addresses and how they look like...

Lavalys (guest) on 09 Nov 2015 about version 4.0.4

The addon might have worked, but the problem is that i have multiple queues, that are tied to multiple addresses (1 queue = 1 address), and the sending goes through this addon. I don't need "1 queue = 1+ addresses", i need to tie in the autoreplies to the same adress that is tied to the queue and SMTP-server.

Lavalys (guest) on 12 Nov 2015 about version 4.0.4

I may have worded the question a bit badly. What i meant was the "from name" that displays the name of the sender, not the exact address. The name is defined for an instance view Ticket::DefinEmailFrom, which can include (or not) the agent name of the sender, despite the email still being the queue address and not the agents address. When using multismtp to send from multiple queues and multiple addresses (still maintaining the "1 queue = 1 adress" policy) i need to be able to maintain different "from" names for different queues. So far the addon allows to send, but doesn't allow from name definition.

jon (guest) on 22 Mar 2016 about version 5.0.1

very useful!!

Matías Angio (guest) on 28 Jun 2016 about version 5.0.2

Hello. Is it planned to develop this package for OTRS v 5.0.x? Thanks in advance.

Mario Illinger (guest) on 17 Aug 2016 about version 5.0.2

Hello Rene, I found some errors in Packageversion 5.0.2 on DatabaseUpdate from Version 3.2.2: 'ALTER TABLE ps_multi_smtp RENAME user TO stmp_user': The column 'user' doesnt exist, it should be userlogin (from version 3.1.5). And the new column name should be 'smtp_user' (m and t swapped) This typo also exists in the following lines. Same for 'ALTER TABLE ps_multi_smtp RENAME password TO stmp_password', the new name should be 'smtp_password' (m and t swapped). This typo also exists in the following lines.

rgiapratama (guest) on 22 Sep 2016 about version 5.0.2

I'm using OTRS 5 and MultiSMTP 5.0.2 get error ([Error][Kernel::System::Email::MultiSMTP::SMTP::Send][Line:170]: Can't send to) when sending Ticket Notification. OTRS still using email address in Core::NotificationSenderEmail when sending notification for all queue. error log in mailserver side : notif-domain1@domain1.com>: Sender address rejected: not owned by user notif-domain2;

Sipherion (guest) on 12 Jan 2017 about version 5.0.4

Thank you so much for this plugin. Working with OTRS 5.0.12 under Debian 8.5. Don't forget to activate this plugin after installation by navigate into Core::SendMail and select MultiSMTP in options list.