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reneeb on 22 Jan 2021
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A module to close tickets more quickly.

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QuickClose - close tickets with one click


If you have similar tickets again and again and you close them with the same text every time then this module might be interesting to you. In these cases it is annoying to click on "close" in the ticket zoom, wait for the "close" window, enter the text and submit it. Wouldn't it be great to close the ticket with one click in the ticket zoom?

This module adds a new item in the admin area where you can define "QuickClose" texts and after installation a new dropdown box is added in the ticket zoom. When you select one of the QuickClose texts in this dropdown the ticket is closed and an article is added to the ticket.

In the admin area you can define the text for the article, the article type and the ticket state. For the article types this module asks for the allowed article types for AgentTicketClose.

This module uses the standard OTRS mechanisms to close the ticket as an AJAX call to AgentTicketClose is started.


This package was written by Renée Bäcker <otrs@perl-services.de>.

The package is licensed unter AGPL. If you did not receive this file, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.txt.



Added translation and fixed TT-tags in template

Patrick Rauscher

Fix error when using QuickClose with pending state


Fix encoding of German translation file

Torsten Thau (c.a.p.e IT)

OwnerID and PendingDiff should be set to 0 if no value is passed


Under some circumstances the ticket id wasn't detected correctly (happened with parent-child tickets)

Balázs Úr, http://www.otrs-megoldasok.hu

Hungarian translation and small fixes


anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.5

Perfekt, genau das was ich gesucht habe.

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.5

This is a really handy addition to the OTRS 3.X.X

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.7

good feature! works for me on otrs 3.0. seems not installable on 3.1.x if so, is it easy to make it work on 3.1 ? greets Martin

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.7

funktioniert das auch für 3.1

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.12

Great Package! Please update to OTRS 3.1. Thanks alot

anonymous on 17 Oct 2013 about version 1.0.2

Es heißt QuickClose wurde nicht initialisiert.

anonymous on 17 Oct 2013 about version 1.0.4

Thank you, this is a neat feature! Unfortunately the pulldown for "Queue" is deactivated/empty - it would be great to use it, because in this case I could QuickClose Tickets to Junk... regards, Fritz

Zak (guest) on 06 Nov 2013 about version 1.0.4

Thank you for the plugin. However, the Queue dropdown is empty when you create or edit a QuickClose action. It is specified in the version history that you have queue movement, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Please fix this!

Zak (guest) on 07 Nov 2013 about version 1.0.4

Thank you for this plugin, it's very helpful. And if you think why the Queue dropdown is empty (and thus queue movement upon close is not possible), check out the plugin settings in the Admin-SysConfig area: you need to enable QueueMove manually (don't know why this setting is needed, but anyway).

Snoopy (guest) on 13 Dec 2013 about version 1.0.4

Very useful extension, our agents like that :-) For Tickets, who are just information, a very helpful thing.

Alfred (guest) on 03 Mar 2014 about version 3.3.5

Hallo, in Admin-Panel the dropdown "New State" is empty. Also the list in the ticket zoom. In sysconfig i set the QueMove to YES. system: otrs 3.3.5 also QuickClose. Has anbody an idea? Many thanks. Greetings Alfred

Ari (guest) on 23 Feb 2015 about version 4.0.3

Hey, thanks for that awesome addon. I loved it in OTRS3.. but when can I/we expect it for OTRS4?

Rosa (guest) on 23 Feb 2015 about version 4.0.3

Tolles Plugin, erleichtert die Arbeit sehr. Wäre es möglich demnächst eine Möglichkeit zu schaffen, wo die nach dem schließen des Tickets aufzurufende Seite definiert wird. Schön wäre auch eine Option, die die Erstellung eines Artikels verhindert beim schließen über QuickClose.

reneeb on 06 Mar 2015 about version 4.0.3

@Ari: Versions 4.0.x are already for OTRS 4 @Rosa: Die angesprochenen Möglichkeiten klingen interessant. Wenn ich Zeit habe, werde mal schauen, wie ich das umsetzen kann.

(guest) on 07 Mar 2015 about version 4.0.3

Throws error: Status: Resolving address of 154715i.upload.akamai.com Status: Connecting to Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message... Status: Initializing TLS... Status: Verifying certificate... Status: TLS connection established. Command: USER isphls Response: 331 Password required for isphls. Command: PASS ****** Response: 530 Login incorrect. Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

prauscher@prauscher.de (guest) on 31 Mar 2016 about version 5.0.5

In Line 261 of Kernel/Modules/AgentTicketCloseBulk.pm you need to change $Self->{TimeObject} to $TimeObject in order to prevent a bug when using a QuickClose with pending state. Really cool Package though, first install on all OTRS-Instances I take care for.