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reneeb on 23 Nov 2014
3.0.x, 3.1.x, 3.2.x, 3.3.x
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A module to create ticket templates and tickets based on the templates.

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This module is deprecated and will not get any update - unless further development is sponsored. Instead a feature addon to buy is available from Feature-Addons.de: http://feature-addons.de/otrs/Ticket/TicketTemplates.


This free add on adds a new item to the ticket menu. When you click on that menu item, you can choose what information of the existing ticket should be added to the template.

This can be for example the queue, the priority and so on. Then a dropdown is added to the "new ticket" forms (AgentTicketPhone and AgentTicketEmail) where the agent can choose what template should be used. As soon a template is chosen, the values stored in the template are set in the form.


This module is deprecated as most OTRS users don't want to create templates based on existing templates, but define new templates in the admin area.

Unfortunately I have to pay some bills (like everyone else) ;-) So I have to sell some of my modules, hence TicketTemplates is not available on OPAR. But I plan to put it on OPAR sometime in 2015.


The code and a bugtracker is available at http://github.com/reneeb/otrs-TicketTemplate.git.


This add on is licensed under the terms of AGPL 3.0

Renee Baecker, <info@feature-addons.de>


anonymous on 20 Mar 2011 about version 0.1.94

Very nice. I allways wanted to have some templates. This looks very good. It would be great, when blank lines still were blank lines in the template. Also I would like to add the Tickettype. Then this package will be the first one on every new system I have to install. :-) Great Yours sincerly Headdie

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.1.96

Thanks very much for this gerat package! This is really helpfull. Until now I used the way described in the OTRS Blog, which is only usefull for a small number of templates (because u always need to create a menu entry). Some feature suggestions, which would make the package even more greater :) -It would be nice if the template would be changeable after they got created. At the moment its only possible to delete them. -Also it would be nice to create templates without doing this via the template button in a ticket (atm I need to create first a ticket when I want to create a template). Dont miss understood me, the button is realy usefull, but in some cases I want to create a template wihtout having a ticket. Thanks again!

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.1.96

Just tested it and I found the idea great! But I noticed that it isn´t possible to store the html imformation of a text. Most of my templates are having text formations and tables and stuff like this. Would be great if there would be a possiblity to store this too.

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.1.96

Thank you very much for this package. It helps a lot to ease the all day life of a helpdesk agent and it's very easy to set up. it would be nice to have more fields to choose from e.g. ticket type By the way you can store HTM information of a text by creating a body in HTML code. Next time when you create a ticket by choosing the template you have the right formation

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.1.96

Does what it says. Would be great if it could save text formatting and if it could include parameters to insert items such as the customer's name, the date, etc (as we have in response templates) For those trying it out, templates are created from an existing ticket, not within the ticket template page. Also, the form that comes up when creating a template includes a list view with options such as "subject" "cc" "body"... These are not configurable sections but rather a selection box which allows the template to save (or not) the sections selected. Would be nice if there was documentation on the sysconfig options.

anonymous on 30 Aug 2011 about version 0.1.96

I relay like this package but when you aplly one template pick a customer and try to appllyt a different one it will create a ticket. Fortunately there is a simple fix for this: inf file /opt/otrs/Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard/TicketFromTemplate.dtl Expand OnClick Action $('#Template').val());return false; It would be nice to be able to edit templates

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.1.96

I installed the package nell'otrs but I can not use it, how can I create different templates?

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.1.96

TicketTemplate ist bei uns nicht mehr wegzudenken. Für die täglich anfallenden Standard-Aufgaben ist es eine immense Erleichterung. Wird es ein Update auf ein aktuelles Framework geben ? Ich möchte mich nicht zwischen einem aktuellem OTRS und TicketTemplate entscheiden. :-( Gruß und Danke für die gute Arbeit.

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.1.96

Hi, when is this package available in version 3.1. It looks like very nice. congratulations! Brgds

anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.1.96

Wir verwenden auch TicketTemplate und finden das Modul richtig gut. Jetzt haben wir auf OTRS 3.1 installiert, funktioniert das Modul auch unter 3.1?

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.1.96

Great Module. Would like to see this one ported to OTRS 3.1.

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.1.96

Not work, v3.1.1 :(

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.1.96

Ich würde mich der Frage anschließen, ob es das Modul zukünftig auch für Version 3.1.x geben wird? Wäre wirklich großartig.

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.1.96

Please upgrade to OTRS 3.2.I want to try it now. Thanks for your package.

anonymous on 10 Oct 2013 about version 0.1.96

Working fine on our 3.2.3 installation, tweaked the framework and ran it in test with no issues, fine in production too.