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capeIT on 17 Nov 2015
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Provides ImportExportBackend for Users.

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This package provides an CSV-based import/export backend for user (with custom queues, roles and some preferences).

This package automatically creates import-/export mapping during re-/installation for each registered user.

  • "Default Email"

            default email address if not specified in import data
  • "Default Password-Suffix"

            a password will be identical with the login followed by this suffix if not specified in import data
  • "Max. number of Custom Queues

            specifies how many custom queues might be imported or exported (number of columns)
  • "Max. number of roles"

            specifies how many roles might be imported or exported (number of columns)
  • "Default Validity"

            if no valid information is provided in import data, this valid information is used


Copyright (C) 2006-2013 c.a.p.e. IT GmbH, http://www.cape-it.de/

The following persons have contributed to this extension:

  • Ricky(dot)Kaiser(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

  • Frank(dot)Oberender(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

  • Torsten(dot)Thau(at)cape(dash)it(dot)de

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