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danielc on 10 May 2011
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This package enables an Agent to create new tickets from within the CMDB. This package needs a modified version of AgentTicketPhone.dtl which can be found in the doc/ folder of your OTRS. Please create your own theme as this file is also used by the IncidentProblemManagement package and will result in an warning message if modified in Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard.

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anonymous on 10 Aug 2011 about version 0.2

Install was relatively easy with good instructions during install. Once I updated the .dtl file correctly, the fix was immediately available Thank you!

Andre on 10 Aug 2011 about version 0.2

Had no trouble installing, modifying the dtl file was simple. I love being able to create a ticket automatically linked to a CI. My only wish is that I could somehow do this not through the cmdb but have the ticket autolinked to a CI, perhaps based on customer.