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Provides ImportExportBackend for CustomerUsers.

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This package provides an CSV-based import/export backend for customer user items.

This package automatically creates import-/export mapping during re-/installation for each registered customer user backend as long as no equally named mapping exists.

  • "Force import in configured customer backend":

            if enabled, the entry will be added/updated to/in the customer data backend to which the mapping refers even if the login exists in another backend.
  • "Default Customer ID":

            defines a default group that is assigned to a new faq-category if not specified in import date
  • "Maildomain-CustomerID Mapping":

            automatically build customer ID out of mail-domain (requires some SysConfig settings which domain should be mapped to which customer ID)
  • "Default Email":

            default email address if not specified in import data (see unique email configuration for customer backends)
  • "Reset password if updated":

            resets the user password to user login if user data is updated in writable customer data backend
  • "Password-Suffix"

            a reset password will be identical with the login followed by this suffix
  • "Default Validity"

            if no valid information is provided in import data, this valid information is used

The field "UserLogin" is automatically used as identifier for existing entries: If a Customer with the given UserLogin already exists it will be updated. Otherwise a new Customer will be created.

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