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reneeb on 14 May 2022
6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x, 6.3.x
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Link objects (e.g. tickets) with external URLs

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LinkExternalURL - enable linking a ticket with URLs.


With this package installed, you can link a ticket with URLs. This can be useful if you articles in that ticket references external URLs and you don't want to search each article for such references.

When this package is installed, you can view a ticket (AgentTicketZoom) and click on 'Link'. Then you can choose 'URL' as the target object.

If you search for an URL that is not in the database, it is added. The title is extracted from the content retrieved when the URL is fetched.

The linked URLs are shown as Links in the ticket zoom.


3.3.1 - 2014-07-16

  • useable for OTRS 3.0.x - 3.3.x

    Without any change in the Perl code, this package works from OTRS 3.0.x to OTRS 3.3.x

  • Switched to OTRS::OPM::Maker

  • Added SysConfig options for FAQ and ITSMChangeManagemet

    Added options to enable linking URLs with FAQ entries, ITSM Changes and ITSM WorkOrders. They are invalid by default. When you want to use those features, you have to enable them in SysConfig (LinkExternalURL -> Core::LinkObject).


The code repository and a bugtracker is available at http://github.com/reneeb/otrs-LinkExternalURL.


This package was written by Renee Baecker <otrs@perl-services.de>.

The package is licensed unter AGPL. If you did not receive this file, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.txt.


anonymous on 20 Dec 2013 about version 0.0.1

Hi Renée, will there be a Version for OTRS >= 3.1.10 sometime ? Greetings Thomas

restevan on 20 Dec 2013 about version 3.1.1

We wanted to use this modul but it has a small problem. We want to link a ticket with an external document in a Knwloedge management system that requires previous authentication. In that document we may have a deeper report of the issue the ticket is related with. Requiring a previous authentication represents a problem. When you enter the link in the link page, the OTRS system tries automatically to access the document to fulfill the title but as its access request is not authenticated, the externallink title is populated in the database with the generic external system login page title. That makes that the externallinks works (if the agent has previously authenticated himself, or he is asked to authenticate prior to access the document) but the text shown on the ticket page is not related to the real document we wanted. It would be nice to edit somehow the title used in the database. The point is that the package is not very usable in the way it works now.

anonymous on 20 Dec 2013 about version 3.1.1

We want to link a ticket to an external knowledge management system where we store for example a deeper report where the issue is going to be made. This external KMS require authentication. That required authentication poses a problem when the externallink is populated because the OTRS box populates it by fetching the URL and getting the title HTML markup tag. But as the OTRS box access is unauthenticated, the KMS returns the login page and the OTRS system populates the title with that page's title. So all the externallinks we want to link have the same title shown on the ticket zoom view although the links are different.