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reneeb on 11 May 2023
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A module to merge tickets more quickly.

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When you have to merge tickets quite often because your clients do not reply to your mails or many similar ticket that belong together are created, then this add on might be interesting to you.

In the ticket overviews (e.g. status view or queue view) you can tick the checkboxes of the tickets you want to merge. When you click on the "Quick Merge" link, an AJAX call is sent to merge all tickets into the oldest selected ticket.


juan (guest) on 20 Jan 2015 about version 4.0.1

Hi, i have a little problem with the module. It's only showing the button Quick Merge in te Small preview, but it isn´t present in large and medium preview. I have the module settings enabled to be shown in all previews. Thank you. Version OTRS 4.0.4

jon (guest) on 22 Jan 2015 about version 4.0.1

hi! when selecting the L or M view on ticket overview the button Quick Merge is not shown. It is only shown in S view. Thank you

NublaII (guest) on 24 Nov 2015 about version 4.0.1

It doesn't work with OTRS version 5... Any plans on updating it?

NublaII (guest) on 02 Dec 2015 about version 5.0.1

I installed it and it works as usual: perfectly