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reneeb on 07 May 2023
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Show all attachments that belong to the ticket in an extra widget in ticket zoom.

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TicketAttachments - handle attachments of a ticket


This module shows all attachments of a ticket in a new widget in the ticket zoom. It lists all attachments and shows the dates so you can identify the right attachments. All attachments are linked, so you can download them.

The list of the attachments can be grouped by the article they belong to. The article is linked, so you can view the article with a single click.

If enabled, your agents can delete and/or rename single attachments. This helps to identify important attachments more easily.

The admin can define a list of filenames that should not appear in the widget. That way, signatures (like smime.p7s) do not fill the list of attachments.


An extended version can be found on http://feature-addons.de/otrs/Ticket%20Zoom/TicketAttachments with those additional features:

  • Search for Attachments

  • Delete Attachments based on various filters

    • Filesize

    • Ticket state

    • Filename

  • Simple reuse of Attachments in Compose and/or Forward dialog

  • Download of all attachments in a ticket as a .zip file

  • Download of all attachments in an article as a .zip file


Moritz Lenz

* Small patch to toggle the widget content

Balázs Úr

* Hungarian translation


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Renee Baecker (Perl-Services.de)

This module is licensed under the AGPL 3.


anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.2

Super Packages. Welche Möglichkeit gibt es dieses Widget an andere Stelle innerhalb der Anzeige anzuzeigen (z.B. unterhalb der Ticket-Information)?

mageru on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.4

Very useful thanks for making this.

William (guest) on 19 Dec 2013 about version 1.0.3

I am using 3.2.11 version. But i can upload this package. plz advice me.

(guest) on 11 Aug 2015 about version 1.1.2

vielen dank für das!

(guest) on 11 Aug 2015 about version 1.1.2

gute erweiterung lg nancy

Nancy (guest) on 17 Nov 2016 about version 1.2.3

Läuft prima!

Michael Koenig (guest) on 25 Nov 2016 about version 1.2.3

If I click on "Delete" next to an attachment I get an "500 Internal Server Error. Apache Error Log: [error] Undefined subroutine &Kernel::System::Ticket::ArticleStorageTSALFS::basename called at /opt/otrs//Kernel/System/Ticket/ArticleStorageTSALFS.pm line 285.\n