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Add a checklist to tickets.

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TicketChecklist - Have a checklist for you todos with regard to the ticket


There can be several tasks mentioned in a ticket and when the ticket gets more and more followups, it might be hard to remember what should be done to solve the issue.

In that case a "TODO" list or a checklist would be helpful. As soon as the ticket owner identifies a task that has to be done, that task can be added to the checklist.

Such a checklist is provided by this addon. A new item in the ticket menu appears: "Checklist".

As soon as a checklist for a ticket exists, you'll see a new widget in the ticket zoom. Near by the ticket information the checklist is shown.



If you have any questions, ideas for new features, bugreports and/or patches, please drop me a line at <otrs@perl-services.de>.

I do not read the comments here regularly...


There is a pro version available at http://feature-addons.de/otrs/Ticket/TicketChecklist that have a few more features:

  • Priorities for checklist items

  • Responsibles for checklist items

  • Due dates for checklist items

  • Notifications for ticket owner when a checklist item is set to a new (configurable) state

  • Notification when due date is reached

  • Overview of tickets that have open checklist items

  • Overview of checklist items ("MyChecklistItems")

  • Change order (position) of the checklist items

  • Merge of checklists when tickets are merged


Those features are planned for the future:

  • Create checklists from templates

Those features will be released in the pro version first.


This module is licensed under the terms of AGPL 3.0.

Author: Renée Bäcker <otrs@perl-services.de>


Christian Mies (guest) on 23 Jun 2015 about version 0.4.2

Hi, I'm getting the following message after installation in Syslog and by clicking on 'Checklist' in a Ticket: Backend ERROR: OTRS-CGI-67 Perl: 5.14.2 OS: linux Time: Tue Jun 23 13:32:33 2015 Message: Module Kernel/Modules/AgentTicketChecklist.pm not in @INC (/usr/Custom /usr/Kernel/cpan-lib /usr /opt/otrs/Custom /opt/otrs/Kernel/cpan-lib /opt/otrs/ /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/perl/5.14.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.14.2 /usr/lib/perl5 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/perl/5.14 /usr/share/perl/5.14 /usr/local/lib/site_perl . /etc/apache2) RemoteAddress: RequestURI: /otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentTicketChecklist;TicketID=92793 Traceback (1900): Module: Kernel::System::Web::InterfaceAgent::Run Line: 214 Module: ModPerl::ROOT::ModPerl::Registry::opt_otrs_bin_cgi_2dbin_index_2epl::handler Line: 41 Module: (eval) (v1.99) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::run (v1.99) Line: 204 Module: ModPerl::RegistryCooker::default_handler (v1.99) Line: 170 Module: ModPerl::Registry::handler (v1.99) Line: 31

Tim Otterbach (guest) on 28 Aug 2015 about version 0.4.2

Läuft leider nicht unter 4.0.11: Es lassen sich keine Punkte anlegen. Beim Klicken auf "+" passiert nichts.

Ingo (guest) on 22 Apr 2016 about version 0.4.2

Hallo, nachdem ich auf der Geburtstagsfeier das Modul gesehen habe, habe ich es mal ausprobiert. wo kann man denn im Popup die Länge des Feldes einstellen bsw. in welchem css thet den das Value für das "!<div class="Field ValueInsert">" ?

toto (guest) on 18 Jan 2017 about version 0.5.9

Markus (guest) on 15 Apr 2021 about version 0.6.5

I use the payed version 6.0.22. (2021) it has a great impact for the agents because they are enabled to not just answer tickets and add notes but to get a overview of open tasks of a ticket. You may create templates, change the checklist for every ticket and set the responsibility for every task as well