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reneeb on 20 Nov 2021
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Print barcodes in ticket pdfs.

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This package adds a barcode to the PDF version of a ticket (generated via ticket print).


After installation you can configure the module via SysConfig in the admin area. Config options:

  • TicketBarcode::BarcodeType

    This option defines what type of barcode is printed in the PDF version of the ticket. Currently four types are supported.

    • EAN8

    • EAN13

    • QR

    • Code39

    Even though the SysConfig defines only four supported barcode types, this packages should support all barcode types that can be generated with the Perl module GD::Barcode. You can add those types by editing Kernel/Config/Files/TicketBarcode.xml.

  • TicketBarcode::BarcodeAttribute

    Defines which ticket attribute is encoded in the barcode. Please note that EAN8 and EAN13 barcodes can handle only numeric attributes that are not longer than the number in the name (EAN8: 8-digit numbers, EAN13: 13-digit numbers).

  • TicketBarcode::BarcodeTicketURL

    If you use QR codes you can encode the ticket URL in the barcode. If this option is enabled, it overrides the value of TicketBarcode::BarcodeAttribute. If you have not chosen QR as the type, this is automatically set.

  • TicketBarcode::RebuildBarcode

    If enabled, the barcode is rebuilt when the barcode type or the attribute changed.


Unfortunately, you can't use this add on when you are using ITSMIncidentProblemManagement or any other module that overrides Kernel::Modules::AgentTicketPrint.

If you're interested in improving the compatibility and sponsor some work on it, please drop me a line at <otrs@perl-services.de>.


This package was written by Renee Baecker <otrs@perl-services.de>.

The package is licensed under AGPL. If you did not receive this file, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl.txt.


anonymous on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.0.2

Hi, can you check the QR Code, I got a kind of division by zero error...

reneeb on 27 Jul 2012 about version 0.0.3

Hi, thanks for the bugreport! The "division by zero" bug is fixed. Can you please send bug reports to info@perl-services.de? That would help a lot to get the bugs fixed faster ;-) Reneeb

anonymous on 15 Jun 2013 about version 0.0.3

Maybe you can update the packet for the new OTRS Version?

Deejay (guest) on 02 Mar 2015 about version 4.0.2

Great stuff! Works very fine! But... The barcodes are too small to read them with a scanner. Is it possible to make the barcode wider? Greet´s The Deejay

Alex (guest) on 03 Apr 2015 about version 4.0.2

Could you include this into your print selected articles extension? otherwise it is not possible to use both.